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Jeremy Smith is a portrait photographer known for his on-location portrait work. Using his subject and the environment as a guide he uses a mix of flash and available light to create dynamic images. While he primarily works with flash, he is also well versed in creating images with available light. In addition to his photography work he enjoys helping other photographers through his classes and YouTube tutorials. As a lover of all things tech related he is constantly exploring the latest photographic technologies and providing feedback to equipment manufacturers to help move our industry forward.

Don’t miss my presentation

It's the Little Things

Saturday May 18th

3:00pm - 4:15pm

In this class I will provide a unique in-depth look at some familiar topics such as depth of field and focal length. I will also demystify many common modern photographic technologies and explain how we can use them to get unique and creative images. My goal in this presentation is to provide information that will be helpful for advanced as well as beginning photographers.

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