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We are always looking for models to participate at our Photo Expo!  If you have modeling experience, or just want to give it a try, we would love to have you.  You would need to be available on Friday and Saturday, May 17-18, 2024 at the Little Rock Convention Center.  Our models at the Photo Expo are a huge part of our show.  This is your opportunity to work with talented photographers during private photo shoots and class demonstrations.  Your acceptance to participate is at the sole discretion of Vail Models.

Dear Models,

Thank you very much for your interest in modeling at our Photo Expo in Little Rock on May 17-18, 2024. Our Photo Expo wouldn’t be possible without the incredible volunteer models. You will be exposed to the top photographic companies and world-renowned photographers.

Here are few things to remember when considering modeling at the PhotoExpo.

  • You must come to the event fully dressed and make up ready.

  • You must provide your own travel, lodging and meals if needed?

  • You should arrive and be ready no later than 15 minutes before your assigned time or event.

  • You must check in with Eric Epperly, model coordinator at the Vail Model Booth. Eric will give you your ID badges.

  • No Alcohol or drugs can be consumed at event.

  • Remember Bedford's is a family company. You and your actions represent Bedford Camera as well as Vail Models. Be professional.

  • Dress is business casual. Nothing sexy or too revealing to be worn. No altercations of any kind.Smoking should be done well away from any entrance to event.

  • Models under 18 years old must have a chaperone.

  • You are attending event totally voluntary. No compensation of any kind is promised or guaranteed. Exposure to up to 300 photographers and building your portfolio is why we do this.

  • Model fully understands that their picture and video will be taken and can be used by individuals who take them.

  • You give Bedford Camera & Video permission to use any images, or videos of models for promotions in print, website and social media.

Thank you very much,

Eric Epperly

Vail Models

stock photos for illustration only
I am interested in 
modeling at the 
Photo Expo.

Thanks for submitting!

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