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Julie Gayler is well versed in a number of photography genres and enjoys tinkering with light to achieve creative results. Her goal with photography is to bridge the gap between fine art and cinematic style portraits. Besides working on commissioned projects, Julie regularly travels the country to teach off-camera lighting to other photographers with the Speedlight Fundamentals Seminar. She has taught over 50 seminars to date, and hundreds of students. As an instructor, Julie meets her students at their level of ability and does everything she can to help them realize their creative potential. She’s always prepared with a bag full of Westcott gear to help someone’s idea come into focus.


Breaking out of a Creative Rut with Light

Saturday May 18th

10:30AM - 11:45AM

Do you feel stuck creatively with your photography? Or are you looking for new inspiration to try?


It's a part of the process to struggle with generating ideas. We will all go through it at one point in our journey.


Most people believe that creativity is something you are either born with, or you aren't. But, creativity is a muscle ANYONE can train and use to your advantage. It's a strength you can tap into and develop over time, or learn to use in new ways.


In this class, we will talk about the steps to creative success as a process. You will learn about lighting techniques with natural and supplemental light, creative inspiration, and tips and prompts that will leave you inspired to create with your own ideas.


Wherever you are on your journey, you can break out of a creative rut and shine a light on the inspiration waiting for you!

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