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Tim is a professional photographer focusing on architectural, landscape, and aerial photography. Tim earned his master of photography degree from Professional Photographers of America in 2023. A published author; Arkansas State Parks Book featuring aerial drone photos from all 52 state parks. A passion for aerial photography started in high school, building a balsa wood airplane with a camera riding inside. Tim enjoys exploring new travel locations and photographing architecture, landscapes, and wildlife.

Don’t miss my presentation!

Drone Operations: Aerial Photography Best Practices, Regulations, and More

Saturday May 18th  8:30am – 9:45am

Explore the exciting world of drone technology in this presentation on drone operations and aerial best practices, with updates on regulations. Whether you are a hobbyist, aspiring drone pilot, or industry professional, this course will provide essential knowledge about drones, regulations, best practices, and the latest equipment updates. Embark on a journey into the world of drones, where innovation meets skilled operations and unlock the full potential of drone technology to elevate your skills in this dynamic field.

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