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Alexandra Dugan is a studio photographer based in Oklahoma City, specializing in portraits, weddings, and commercial photography. She has established a presence in the region by creating timeless, natural, boldly-colored images that tell authentic stories on their own, and recently opened a studio shoot location in OKC’s historical Paseo arts district. In addition to her photography work, Alexandra enjoys educating fellow photographers at conferences and occasionally in college classroom settings as a guest speaker, covering topics ranging from anticipating and capturing candid moments to studio lighting and improving editing skills and workflow.

Don’t miss my presentation!

No More Awkwardness: How to Ensure Authentic & Natural Photo Sessions –– Every Time

Saturday May 18th  3pm – 4:15pm

In this presentation, Alex will discuss her interactive system for helping people become more engaged and comfortable in front of the camera, creating more natural, storytelling images that your clients and subjects will love. Learn how to utilize your own personality and environmental surroundings to activate your subjects and encourage them to engage authentically — even the most awkward ones. This will be an exciting morning of teaching, inspiration, and first-hand stories, closing with an extensive Q&A time

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