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Pam Stukenborg owns Stukenborg Photo in Tulsa, OK where she has specialized in headshot photography since 2013. Her emphasis is to give her clients the best experience they can have and teach them techniques they will use for the rest of their lives.


Imagine a potential client when they say, “I never look good in pictures!” Pam loves hearing this because she knows the headshot session will upend those 6 words and possibly irradicate them!


The headshot experience begins before the client ever steps foot in Pam’s studio. Her pre-session, Pro Tips (complete with photo examples of dos and don’ts) answer questions the client didn’t even know to ask. Pam’s lighthearted, yet direct approach puts her clients at ease as they realize she is going to coach them every step of the way.


Throughout the session, the client sees their images on Pam’s tethered laptop and is encouraged that her guidance, in position and expression, is having a positive effect on the end results. She works with the client through the selection process to determine their “money maker” shot. While Earth, Wind, and Fire is pumping through the speaker, Pam comes up with crazy topics to help the client stop trying to control their face and draw out a genuine expression. It is not uncommon to hear lots of laughter during a headshot session!


Another passion Pam has is talking with, learning from, and encouraging other photographers. She’s always on a quest learn more, be a better version of herself, stay inspired and inspire others–while having fun the whole time!

Palaver with Pam

Making Memories Since 1974

Bedford Camera & Video

Saturday May 18th

10:45am – 11:45am

Join Pam Stukenborg for an exclusive. Engage in a relaxed and informal dialogue with Jason Bedford, CEO, Steve Elkins, Executive VP, and John Rose, General Manager.  In this session, Pam will lead the panel in a lively discussion celebrating the remarkable 50-year journey of Bedford Camera and Video. Get ready for an interactive exchange with both the panelists and the audience!

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