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Are you feeling like your creativity is stuck? Do you want to learn how to implement advanced lighting techniques into your work? This workshop is your opportunity to explore the possibilities of creative lighting!

We are all storytellers, but some stories can be elevated by the way we use light!

Join Westcott Top Pro Julie Gayler for an opportunity designed to inspire your lighting and creativity in new ways. You will familiarize yourself with concepts and tools that can be used to unlock new ways of crafting imagery. This class enables you to work with models in real time on epic sets as we explore and put those principles into practice!


We provide the models, props, sets, lighting and universal lighting controller, along with creative options and 1:1 guidance to get the results YOU want with each set. This isn’t about just being handed a controller–you will be able to make changes to the lighting and set during your shoot time to explore your style with the support you need.

All you need to bring is your camera and lenses and be ready to learn, have fun, and tell your own stories with light!


DATE: October 11-12, 2024

LOCATION: The Labyrinth LR, 619 S Spring St, Little Rock, AR 72201

INCLUDED: Two days of instruction. Continental style breakfast and lunch included.

LODGING: Each attended will book their own accommodations. Studio location will be provided after ticket purchase.

COST: $1,750 per person
Payment plans are available.

**Class size is limited to 15 photographers, to allow maximum shooting time for each photographer.**

Topics covered will include:

  • Lighting patterns and when to use them

  • Contrast/ratio control in studio

  • Color correction and management

  • Concept development

  • Usage and choice of advanced lighting tools (grids, flags, snoots, gels)

  • Advanced editing tips in Photoshop 

  • Balancing outdoor light and using ratios outdoors

  • Feedback on images, your shooting style and a “portfolio review” of your images from the weekend. 


FRIDAY // Restaurant TBD - 6:30-8pm

Meet and Greet

Art of Lighting


SATURDAY // Studio - 9am-5pm

Formal Lighting Ratios

Lighting Patterns

Lighting Tools / Modifier Choice

Sets 1, 2, 3 (studio)

SUNDAY // Studio & Outdoor Location - 9am-6pm

Color Theory
Image review and Photoshop tips

Set 3, 4 (studio)

Using HSS outside

Set 5, 6 (on location)


What do I need to bring?

You will need a camera, studio lens (50mm, 85mm or 24-70mm lenses are ideal choices), portrait lenses for outdoors (wide angle or 70-200 may also be useful) batteries, and accessories. ALL the other equipment will be provided. You may want a notepad or your phone to take notes. You may also want a laptop for following along with the photoshop portion.

How much shooting time is there?

There will be classroom teaching portions each day, with hands-on shooting to practice the concepts. The remainder of the class time is structured to provide attendees with the ability to create and take pictures on set with models as much as possible. There is a total of 10 hours of shooting time planned for 6 sets over the weekend–not counting time practicing techniques in some of the teaching portions. We know HANDS ON instruction is the best way to learn.

Will I be able to use the images in my portfolio?

Yes! The models have all signed a release for images to use in your portfolio. We ask that you credit the models when posting and sharing.

Is there a prerequisite to this class?

This is an advanced lighting workshop, and students should be comfortable using manual exposure, and at least one light off camera. Attending a Level 1 workshop is strongly encouraged, or the equivalent knowledge. If you have questions about whether this would be a good fit for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We want you to get the most out of the education experience and will be sure you are set up for success in the right class!

Will food be provided?

A continental style breakfast and lunch will be provided both days of the workshop. Please let us know when registering if there are any dietary restrictions (Julie is dairy free, so she understands!), and we will do our best to accommodate.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of this event, to cover models, wardrobe, and expenses, no refunds will be available. In certain circumstances, if needs arrive prior to 14 days of the event, you may be able transfer to an alternate date if one is announced and spaces are available.

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