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Joe Edelman is an award-winning photographer, author, and photo educator. His educational mission: "To help photographers develop a solid understanding of the HOWS and WHYS behind creating great photographs." Joe is honored to hold the title of Photographic Craftsman, a designation given to those who have met the standards of excellence set by the Professional Photographers of America. He’s recognized for his service to the photographic profession as an orator, author, and mentor.

He takes great pride in sharing his experience as the host of the weekly The LAST FRAME Live, a 60-minute photography Livestream that appears on YouTube. His channel boasts 300 + videos viewed over 11.8 million times by more than 180,000 subscribers in 114 countries.

Joe has also earned a reputation as a lively and popular presenter at photography conferences and is frequently featured on major photography news websites and podcasts.

From his start as a newspaper photojournalist while still in high school, to his work today photographing all types of people, his photographs have been published internationally. He’s featured in magazines like Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Get Fit, and Shape, just to name a few. He has been called upon to complete assignments for the New York Times and The Los Angeles Times and has serviced commercial advertising clients from all over the United States.

Private Class

Bold and Colorful Fashion Portraits with LED Lights

Saturday May 18

10:30am – 11:45am


Joe Edelman will share how he creates his creative fashion portraits, covering the key elements from clothing selection to hair, makeup, lighting, and posing. Working in real-time with a model, Joe will demonstrate how to create these beauty and fashion portraits working with LED lighting and easy-to-find props. This master class will give you the tools to create your fashion portraits and take your existing skills to the next level. Bring your cameras, Joe will style and light a model, and you will have an opportunity to photograph the set-up with LED lighting.

Keynote Presentation

Don’t be afraid to SUCK!

Your Photography Depends On It!

Saturday May 18

1:00pm – 2:45pm


It is impossible to find success in photography without embracing failure. The best lessons, the best ideas, and the best results most often come as the result of taking risks, making mistakes, and failing.  Don’t miss this thought-provoking and entertaining look at the state of photography today and what it takes to be creative and stand out. This presentation takes an honest look at the obstacles photographers create for themselves and works to lay the foundation to develop more creative skills and become a better, more creative photographer, with tips that will help you see and think about your subjects in ways that you never have before.

What you will learn:

  • The most effective ways to make failure work for you.

  • Where do the ideas come from? Joe will share his bag of tricks for finding new, cool creative ideas - without using drugs! ;-)

  • Epicopathy and how to cure it. YES - you DO suffer from it!

  •  The simple way to avoid competition and make sure your photos stand out!

  •  Practice! Everybody says practice - but what does that really mean?

  •   … and much more!

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