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Arthur Morris is a free-lance nature photographer, teacher, and writer specializing in birds. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier bird photographers, photographic educators, and tour leaders. His images, published the world over, are noted for both their artistic design and their technical excellence. His fitting credit line: BIRDS AS ART.


His images have been published the world over in a great variety of books and calendars and have been consistently honored in the most prestigious photo competitions on the planet including the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Nature’s Best competitions.


His book, “The Art of Bird Photography” is the classic How-to work on the subject.  The follow-up, The Art of Bird Photography II, concentrates on the digital aspects of nature photography. Arthur, one of the original “Explorers of Light,” was a Canon contract photographer for eighteen years. After switching to Nikon seven years ago, he now uses and loves his Sony gear. He is a co-founding publisher and now the sole owner of BirdPhotographers.Net, a critiquing website where honest critiques are done gently.


Be sure to visit his incredibly educational blog at and his Online Store here. In his shop, you will find e-books and guides that will help you become a better photographer as well as a selection of hard-to-find photo accessories. With forty years of long lens experience, he is always glad to answer your gear questions via e-mail.

Private Class  $50

The BIRDS AS ART Digital Workflow

Friday May 17th

1:00pm – 2:15pm


Twenty-five years ago I would spend hours sitting at a light table with a loupe in my right hand picking the best slides from several boxes of film images. Twenty-two years ago the word Photoshop scared the heck out of me. With today’s amazing mirrorless camera bodies and frame-rates as high as 30 frames/second, it is not uncommon for folks to need to cull through several thousands images while picking their keepers from a single photo session. Many folks are overwhelmed by this task and wind up swamped by tens or even thousands of unedited images. Many of those who manage to select a few good images bring them into Photoshop and ruin them for a variety of reasons. 

Sign up for this Private Class to learn how I use Photo Mechanic to choose the keepers quickly and efficiently from a folder of thousands of images. Then we will pick the best photos, convert a few raw files in Photoshop, optimize them, save the master TIF files, and then create superb JPEGs from those.  The class will include dozens of helpful and time-saving a Photoshop tips and techniques.


Lessons from the Field – BIRDS AS ART Style

Saturday May 18th

8:30am – 9:45am

Arthur Morris will present “Lessons from the Field – BIRDS AS ART Style. This slide-illustrated lecture will feature hundreds of Artie’s spectacular photographs.  As he shares images from his favorite locations around the globe, he will tell us about what drives him, his preferred style, the birds and other creatures that he photographs, the equipment that he uses, and about the various techniques that he has developed over the last forty years that make his life easier. Covered topics will include getting close to free and wild birds, flight photography, getting the right exposure, and composition and image design. 

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