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Alex's passion for photography has spanned well over two decades now. His photographic interests are broad ranging from travel, adventure, and nature to architecture, abstract, and portraiture. With over 17 years of professional teaching experience across a broad range of age demographics he brings an approachable methodology to his presentations. He’s an avid outdoorsman and child-at-heart. You may find him lying in the brush, submerged chest deep in water or even climbing a tree to “get the shot”. Alex currently serves as President of the Arkansas Outdoor Photographer's Club (AOPC) and works as a commercial photographer, educator, speaker, and guide. You can view his work and more at

Don’t miss my presentation!

The Creative Eye

Friday May 17th  3pm – 4:15pm

Some say that a person "has the eye" for taking great photos. While it's true that some have a natural talent for creating interesting and impactful images, creativity and composition are skills that can be learned and improved upon. We will cover time-tested principles of design and creativity, but will go far beyond "the rule of thirds" across a variety of subject matter. These lessons can apply to most genres of photography, as well as many other visual art forms. This presentation is designed for all levels of photographers with any type of camera.

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